LOKA Foods gluten free low carb protein pasta


LOKA Foods is proudly Aussie Owned and made. A family run business Laura, Jackson and their son Hughie are proud to own and operate the business that was founded in Melbourne in 2018. We are continuing the brand ethos and product qualities that LOKA is renowned for.

At LOKA we believe in real food, and with this in mind, strive to create the highest quality products using only the best ingredients. Devoted to ensuring all our customers receive the best products, all our products are free from preservatives and artificial flavours.  

​We pride ourselves on maintaining close relationships with our farmers and suppliers and support Australian business as a priority, to ensure we positively impact everyone we meet and work with. 

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Stay fuller for longer:
This super Low GI & GL legume contains upwards of 40% Protein, almost 30% Fibre, and less than 6% Carbohydrates. Lupins contain 73% more protein than beef steak per gram!  
Heart happy:
Lupin contains heaps of important amino acids, but is exceptionally high in Arginine - which has been proven to lower blood pressure. 
The good kind of fat: 
Lupins contain Omega 3 fats, great for the brain, heart and joint health.  
Great Levels of Bio-Available Iron: 
Lupins contain readily absorbed Iron, magnesium, potassium & calcium, and stack up well when compared to other Pulses. 
Loves your Guts: 
Lupin foods have been shown to reduce “transit time”, lower the colon pH and promote the growth of beneficial intestinal bifidobacteria.
Gluten-Free of course:
Lupins are completely Gluten-free and processed in a 100% gluten-free environment.
Aussie Grown & Sustainable: 
Grown in the Riverina region of NSW, LOKA’s Lupin supplier supports rural farming communities and embraces sustainable farming practices. 
Lupin production has a minimal carbon footprint. Growing these non-GMO legumes play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance of agriculture by restoring nitrogen to soils, creating a better environment for the growth of other crops.